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Citizens is an Orwellian flick that takes place in 2031 with a totalitarian government running the United States and Seattle dissenters trying to overthrow that government. 90 min. Bursting Universe. Drama
Paper Castles is a feature about a wealthy Seattle family and their downfall. Staring Kim Layfield, John Kobasic and Ivan Dinh. 90 min. Bursting Universe & She-Films. Drama

War and Apricots is about war, loss, and a crazy neighbor. 85 min., Wide Screen. Staring Laurie Slater, Meredith Binder, James Tinsley, Zane Gregory, Kristi Evans, Matt Baker, Michelle Shyman, Kay McBreairty, and Ryan Fisher. Bursting Universe & She-Films. Comedy/Drama
Going Straight is about a gay man who has to prove he is straight to get his inheritance. This isn't easy when he has to get married. 80 min., Wide Screen. Staring Peter Stephens, Hallie Shepherd, Jason Seitz, Ivan Dinh, Eric Colley, Mark Shone, James Tinsley and Zane Gregory. Executive Producer James David Walley. Comedy/Drama
Criminal Opportunities in Seattle is a comedy about a football player and a homicidal maniac who wreak havok on their local police. 102 min. Wide Screen. Action/Comedy
Last Stop is a comedy about a guy fed up with life and what he does after his girlfriend dumps him. Standard format. 98 min. Comedy/Drama

The Lighthouse is a 7 min. short about an unhealthy relationship and a lighthouse. Drama/Horror

Therapy is a 20 min. short about a psychiatrist who decides to end her doctor patient relationships. Comedy/Horror

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