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Abbott Pictures

John I Abbott
b. 1330 in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
d. Abt. 1390 in Suffolk, England
m. Unknown

Children of John I Abbott and Unknown:

John II Abbott
b. 1358 in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
d. 1440 in St Edmunds, Suffolk, England
m. Alice of Northamptonshire
b. 1362 in Northamptonshire, England
d. Abt. 1400 in England

Children of John II Abbott and Alice of Northamptonshire:

John III Abbott
b. 1381 in Northamptonshire, England
d. 27 Feb 1443 in London, London, England
m. Agnes Elmrye of Northamptonshire
b. 1385 in Northamptonshire, England
d. 1443 in London, London, England

Children of John III Abbott and Agnes Elmrye of Northhamptonshire:

John IV Abbott
b. 1429 in Suffolk, England
d. Abt. 1490 in Baconthorpe, Baconsthorp, England
m. NN Abbott
b. 1435 in England
d. 1458 in England

Children of John IV Abbott and NN Abbott:

Simon Abbott
b. 1445 in Suffolk, England
d. 1530 in Hertfordshire, England
m. Alice of Suffolk
b. 1462 in Suffolk, England
d. 1538 in England

Children of Simon Abbott and Alice of Suffolk:

William Abbott
b. 1470 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
d. 21 Nov 1532 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
Note: Was a Church Warden
m. pos. Mary Barton Truman
b. 1470 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
d. 1500 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, Englandbishops Stortford, England

Children of William Abbott and pos. Mary Barton Truman
John Abbott b. Abt 1495 England, d. Aft. 1545, England

John Abbott
b. Abt 1495 England
d. Aft. 1545 England
m. pos. Margaret Smith b. 1495, d. Aft 1545

Children of John Abbott and pos. Margaret Smith
William Abbott b. 1525 Bishops Stortford, Herts, England; d. 1568 Bishops Stortford, Herts, England

William Abbott
b. 1525 Bishops Stortford, Herts, England
d. 12 Mar 1568 Bishops Stortford, Herts, England
Note: A Yeoman (British for farmer)
Note:" William Abbott paid a fine or tribute to the church in 1556. In 1564 william Abbott and wife Margaret were of Stortford (Feet of Fines, Hert's Genealogist). His will dated March 12, 1568, proved March 29, 1569, in Stortford, mentioons his wife Margaret; George, his son, not 21; other sons John, Robert and Thomas, cousin Rowland Elliott, supervisor (see Genealogical Quarterly, Salem, Vol. 4. p. 36)."
Note: "An abstract of his will follows:
dated 12 March 1569
To my wife Margarett, my messuage where I dwell, with the tenement adjoining, where Thomas Smith dwells, together the appertaining crofts, lands, etc. until my son George be twenty-one years old, and then it is to remain to him.
To my said wife Margaret, my other lands in Stortford and a piece of land which I late bought of my cousin Elliott in Farnhmam with remainder to my sons John, Robert, and Thomas Abbott (all under twenty-one).
All the residue to my wife Margaret, to bring up my children, and she is to be sole executrix.
Supervisior: my cousin Rowland Elliot (his wife's relative)
Witnesses: Robert Gooday, William Barnarde.
Proved 29 March 1569 (Commissionary Court of London for Essex and Hertfordshire, Meade Counties, 111)."
M. Abt 1550 Bishops Stortford, Herts, England
Margaret Eliot
b. Abt 1529 England
d. Abt 1550

Children of William Abbott and Margaret Eliot
1. George(2) Abbott , b. 1550, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
d. 11 Jan 1619 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
2. John Abbott b. Abt 1552 Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire, England
3. Robert Abbott b. Abt 1554 Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire, England
4. Thomas Abbott b. Abt 1556 Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire, England

George(2) Abbott
b. 1550 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
d. 11 Jan 1619 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
Note: "An abstract of his Will follows:
WILL OF GEORGE ABBOTT the Elder of Stortford, County of Hertfordshire; a yeoman

dated 12 October 1619
To my eldest son George Abbott, my table and frame stools, benchboard, and cupboard in the hall of the messuage in Stortford where I dwell, and also the beds tead in the chamber over said room.
To my wife Bridgett all my other household stuff, maintainance for life in my said messuage, meet for an aged woman, and an annuity of 40s, out of my said messuage, with lands of eighteen acres, to be paid at the four quarterly feasts, and these bequests are to be in lieu of dower; but if she prefers to remove from said messuage and to live elsewhere, then she is to have an annuity of 6 out of my said messuage, in lieu of dower.
To my son George Abbott and his heirs my said messuage and lands at my decease, he paying to my wife as aforesaid and also paying to my son Edward Abbott, within one year of my decease 30, so as _____ Marshe of Chrissing, Essex County, yeoman (father-in-law to my said son Edward) shall deliver, within six months of my decease, to my said son George an obligation wherein said Marshe shall be bound in 60 to my said son George to pay within one year to my son Edward Abbott 40 of the 50 which he promised on the marriage of his daughter to my son Edward; and if said Marshe fail to pay, then my gift to my son Edward is to be void. If my son George fail to pay the 30 to my son Edward, the latter is to have my croft of three acres, in two parcels, next the commons, called Chalnerscroft or Chalkcroft.
To my daughter Joane (if she happen to be a widow before her two children be of age) 10.
To the two daughter of my daughter Anne (now wife of Mathewe Reeve) 20s each at twenty-one or marriage.
All the residue to my son George Abbott, who is to be sole executor.
Witnesses: Thomas Miller, Thomas Barnarde, Sr. scr [signed] Georg Abbott.
Proved 08 Feb 1619/20 by the executor. (Commissionary Court of London for Essex & Hertfordshire County,
Original Will, 1619, No. 133)"
"George Abbott succeeded to the homestead of his father according to the latter's will. His name appears several times on the court rolls of the manor of Bishop's Stortford.
On April 13, 1577, he was amerced 3d for default of suit of court ; on April 6, 1583, March 30, 1585, & September 27, 1585, he was one of the chief pledges; and on October 1, 1604 he was ordered to make two easy stiles in his croft out of Napton Field into London Lane before Hallowtyde [All Saints' Day November 1] next, and so to keep them, upon pain of forfeiting 10s (Court Rolls 205/21, 206/2, 206/3, & 189/30).
In 1596 he sold some property in Bishop's Stortford by the following fine: John Gace and Thomas Myller querents v. George Abbott and his wife Bridget and Edward Hake, gentleman, and his wife Margaret, deforciants, for two messuages, with lands in Stortford. (Feet of Fine, Herts, Easter Term 38 Elizabeth).
On September 20, 1602 he was a witness to the will of John Gace of Stortford (P.C.C., Montague, 61) and in 1608 he was Churchwarden."
Married Abt. 1576 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
Bridget Wylie or Willie or Wylley
b. 1 Feb 1552 Thorley, Hertfordshire, England
d. 13 Aug 1625

Children of George(2) Abbott and Bridget Wylie or Willie
1. John Abbott b. 1579 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire England, d. 2 Apr 1589 Bishops Stortford, Herts, England
2. Anne Abbott b. 1581; m. Matthew Reeve
3. Joanne Abbott b. 1584 died young
4. Grace Abbott b. 1585; d. 6 Jan 1586
5. George(3) Abbott b. 28 May 1587 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, d. 1647 England, m. Elizabeth Unknown
6. Johanne Abbott b. 1590; m. Danier Fordham 23 Nov 1617
7. Edward Abbott b. 1591; m. Unknown Marsh

George(3) Abbott b. 28 May 1587 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
d. 1647 England
Married Abt. 1615 England
Elizabeth Unknown
b. Abt 1595 Bishops Stortford, Herts, England
d. Bishops Stortford, Herts, England

Children of George(3) Abbott and Elizabeth Unknown
1. George(4) Abbott b. 14 Jun 1615, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England; d. 24 Dec 1681, Andover Essex Co. MA
2. Edward Abbott b. 25 March 1623 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
3. John Abbott b. 16 Oct 1625 Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire, England
4. Christopher Abbott b. 2 Nov 1628 Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire England.

George(4) Abbott
b. 14 Jun 1615 Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire, England
d. 24 Dec 1681 Andover, Essex cty, MA
"George Abbot, the venerable ancestor of a numerous family of sons an daughters, and of a vastly more numerous line of descendants on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, is believed to have come from Yorkshire, England about the year 1640, and was one of the first settlers of Andover, Massachusetts, in 1643, and one of the proprietors of that town. He lived and died on a farm, which in 1847 was owned by John Abbot, one of his descendants of the seventh generation. During the period of Indian troubles, his house was a garrison and was used as such many years after the death of the immigrant. In 1647, he married Hannah, daughter of William and Anne Chandler; and George Abbot and his wife were both industrious, frugal and of pious mind. He died December 24, 1681, and his widow married a second husband, Rev. Francis Dane, minister of Andover. She died June 11, 1711, aged eighty-two years. George and Hannah (Chandler) Abbot had thirteen children, all born in Andover."
Note: "Among the several Abbots that early came to New England, George Abbot of Andover has the most prominent and numerous descendants. He is said to have emigrated from Yorkshire, England about 1640; and, after living at Roxbury awhile, came to Andover [Massachusetts], where he was one of the settlers as early as 1643. He cultivated the soil, and lived on the farm latterly owned by John Abbot, the house being a garrison.
"He married Hannah, daughter of William and Annis Chandler of Andover (formerly of Roxbury) Dec. 12, 1646. The parties are said to have to come to America on the same ship. Mr. Abbot died in Andover Dec. 24, 1681, at the age of sixty-six, being, as he says in his will, 'aged and crazy in body.' His wife survived him, and married Rev. Francis Dane of Andover between 1684 and 1703. She outlived Mr. Dane, and died June 11, 1711, aged eighty-two."
"GEORGE ABBOT / Born in England. / was of the first settlers / of Andover A.D. 1642 / where in 1647 he married / HANNAH. / He DIED Dec. 1681, Ae 66. / She DIED June, 1711, Ae 82. / Their descendents / in reverence for their moral / worth and Christian values, / erected this monument, A.D. 1843 // "
Note: "About the time George Abbott came of age (between 1636 to 1640), he left England, heading to Massachusetts Bay Colony in America. According to tradition among his descendants (which was published over a century ago) he came over in the same ship with the family of Hannah Chandler, whom he married a few years later.
It is very likely that the preaching and influence of Reverand John Eliot were responsible for his emigration to New England. He was among some of the first settlers of Puritans. Arriving about 20 years after the Mayflower Ship that landedat Plymouth Rock in 1620, his group was a part of the Great Migration that started in the 1630's. At first they built humble cabins.
George lived for a few years at Roxbury, but in 1643, when a new plantation was planned at an area called Andover, he became one of the first proprietors and settlers of that town. He lived at first in the northern section of the town, but about 1660 he established a farm in the South Parish.
"George was one of the first settlers of Andover, Massachusetts, one of the towns' proprietors, a tailor, a successful businessman and a husbandman (which means "A farmer; a cultivator or tiller of the ground"). He was educated and a deeply religious Puritan.
He lived and died on the farm that two hundred years later, in 1847, it was owned by John Abbot, a descendant of his. George and his wife, Hannah, both were economical, sober, frugel, and of pious mind and well respected. With Christian fortitude and submission they endured their trials, tribulations and dangers, of which they had a large share. They brought up a large family, and "trained them in the way they should go, from which they did not depart."
According to the Essex County court records, he was a member of Sergt. James Osgood's Militia Company, from 1658 to 1659. George Abbott was not very active in public affairs, holding only minor town offices, such as surveyor of highways in 1673 and brander of cattle in1676. On June 3, 1680 he was elected Constable. He was very respected, and for many years had charge of the North Meeting House in Andover. As he contracted to do certain repairs, he was compensated with real estate. Being a very thirfty and industrious person, resulted in him becoming financially well off, according to the tax list, one of the five wealthiest men in Andover.
About December of 1681, his Will was written in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts; then at 66 years old he died. The "old burial place" at North Andover Center has suffered time, elements, and vandals (who have completely obliterated all markers in the older part of the cemetery). So, the actual resting place for George Abbott is unknow."
Note: "He took his Oath of Freemen on February 21, 1676 in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.
Becoming a freeman in the Puritan Colonies originally meant becoming a member in good standing of the local church. In turn meaning that a man had to demonstrate persuasively that he was one of the "elect" (a Calvinist concept essentially meaning that he was predestined to go to Heaven). Then he was inducted as a freeman, meaning he could vote in town meetings and elections. The oath essentially was a swearing of allegiance to the colony. Remember, the Massachusetts Bay Colony (and to a lesser extent the Connecticut Colony) were theocracies, except that clegymen generally did not hold civil offices."
" George built a garrison house that was the home of the family until 1704 and then it was replaced by a structure which later became known as "The Old Red House". This replacement was used many years after his death, until it too was torn down and replaced with the first section of a large house which would be owned and occupied by Abbotts for seven generation down through George's eldest son, John's line. It was demolished about 1858.
George and his bride went to live in the garrison house in Andover (which originally was called Cochichawiche). He had spent two years building this house. The house was built of heavy hewn or sawed logs with the corners securely fastened, the eaves extended out over the walls by two feet or more, so that in case of an attack, the defenders could fire down upon the enemy or pour water on a fire if one was started.
Old records indicate that the house stood on a plot of about four acres on the eastside of what is now Court Street in North Andover, a short distance north of the old burial place and meeting house. In this area, the houses were built close together for protection during Indian attacks. Later, George and Hannah lived in a garrison house on their farm land, two or three miles to the southwest.
During King Philip's War (which was led by an Indian that referred to himself as "King Philip"), on April 8, 1676, a band of Indians attacked Andover. The villagers fled into the garrisons for protection; George Abbott's house was one of these garrisons.
During the period of Indian uprisings, two of George's sons, Joseph and Timothy, were confronted while working in the fields. After a fight, Joseph (age 24 years) was killed and Timothy (almost 10 years old) was taken prisoner. The rest of the Abbott family reached their garrison and with the help of others, they succeeded in fighting off this attack of the Indians. Later in a state of starvation, Timothy escaped and made his way home."
""The Will of George Abbut of Andover, County. Essex, aged and "crasey" in body, dated 12 Dec 1681. He left all of his estate to his wife, Hannah and paid her a remarkably tender tribute;
"Considering the great love and affection I bear unto my loving wife Hannah Abbott and also considering her tender love and respect she hath had to me and also considering her care and diligence in helping to get and save what God hath blessed us withal and also prudence in management of the same, I do therefore leave my whole estate to her and for her use during the time of her natural life and at her death my will is that my overseers shall dispose of my estate that her necessity doth not enforce her to spend among my children."
It was also his will that "If any of the sons should be guilty of disobedient carriage toward their mother, they shall be cut short in their portions." The overseers were "My loving brothers Thomas and William Chandler and my loving friend John Barker."
Signed Georg Abbott
Witnesses: Thomas Chandler, Timothy Abbott. Proved 28 March 1682."
The inventory of his estate, taken by the overseers and presented by the widow and executrix on 28 Mar 1682, showed real estate appraised at 350, live stock, 91, and household goods and husbandry utensils, 46.12.5d., a total of .
At his death on Dec 24, 1681, his estate was appraised at 587 pounds, besides the gifts of land that he had already made to his sons. His will, dated Dec 12, 1681, twelve days before his death, is on record at the Essex County Court House at Salem. "
"In 1843, in the South Parish Burying Ground in Andover. George Abbott's descendants erected a monument in his memory on the two-hundredth anniversary of the settlement of the town of Andover which reads:
George Abbott Born in England, Was one of the first settlers of Andover A.D. 1643 Where in 1647 he married Hannah Chandler. He died Dec. 1681 age 66 She died June 1711 age 82 Their descendants in reverence for their moral worth and Christian virtues Erected this monument A.D. 1843"
Married 12 Dec 1646 Roxbury, Suffolk County, MA
Hannah Chandler
b. 22 May 1630 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
d. 11 Jun 1711, Andover, Essex Cty,MA

More info on George(4) Abbott in Decendents of William Abbott Geneaology List Note: May have immigrated to America in 1637 at age 20 with William Chandler and his family of Bishop Stortford Hertfordshire, England.

4. GEORGE4 ABBOTT (GEORGE3, GEORGE2, WILLIAM1) was born 14 June 1615 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, and died 24 December 1681 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.1. He married HANNAH CHANDLER 12 December 1646 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA3, daughter of WILLIAM CHANDLER and ANNIS BAYFORD . She was born 22 May 1630 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, and died 11 June 1711 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.4.

Ref. Abbott by Rev. Abiel Abbot & Rev. Ephraim Abbot--1847 George Abbot , one of the first settlers of Andover, MA. came from Yorkshire, England about 1640. He has a brother Thomas who may have emigrated with him, though this fact was not clear from the book. The Reverends said that he died at age 66 and wife Hannah at age 82.

Genealogical History of the Clark and Worth Families by Carol Clark Johnson " GEORGE ABBOT was bon in 1616, and came from Yorkshire, Eng., to Roxbury, MA in 1638 with Rev. Ezekiel Rogers. He lived for a time in Roxbury where he married, Dec. 12, 1646, Hannah, daughter of William Chandler who came on the same ship. Abbot, a tailor and the church sexton, was one of the first Andover settlers in 1643, and the house he built there was for many years in the possession of his descendants. It was used as a garrison for the shelter of neighbors during Indian attacks. It is believed likely that the three Abbots of Andover were related, probably sons of three brothers, one of whom with three sons went to Rowley. Forty-four of this name had graduated from New England colleges by 1844.

George Abbot could write and served on the Grand Jury in 1658 and in 1676; in 1658 was commissioner for Andover and in 1663 was Constable. In 1669 he was chosen arbitrator in a civil case. He died Dec. 24, 1681, in Andover, and his widow married, as his third wife, the Rev. Francis Dane. Hannah survived Mr. Dane and died June 11, 1711, at 82. Their descendants, in respect "for their moral worth and Christian virtues", erected a monument to their memory in 1843."

New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Vol. IV by William Richard Cutter "George Abbot, the immigrant ancestor, came from county York, England, in 1640, and was one of the first settlers at Andover, MA. He was a property owner in 1643 and his name was neneteenth on a list of twenty-three names of householders, written in the order in which they came to the town. His house was a garrison and for some time after his death was used for that purpose. The farm descended to at least eight generations of the family. He died Dec. 24, 1681. His will was dated Dec. 12, 1681, and proved March 28, 1682. He bequeathed to his wife Hannah; to eldest son John; the other children to inherit at the death of his wife."

Fact 1: A tailor and a church sexton.

Children of George(4) Abbott and Hannah Chandler
1. John Abbott b. 2 Mar 1648 Andover, Essex Co, MA; d. 19 Mar 1721 Andover, Essex Co. Ma
2. Joseph Abbott b 11 Mar 1649 Andover, Essex Co, MA; d. 24 Jun 1650 Andover Essex Co. MA, Note: First death in town.
3. Hannah Abbott b 9 Jun 1650 Andover Essex Co, MA; d. 2 Mar 1740 Andover Essex Co. MA
4. Joseph Abbott b. 30 Mar 1652 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 8 April 1676 Andover Esses Co. MA, Note: Killed by Indians. 1st in town.
5. George Abbott b. 7 Jun 1655 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 26 Feb 1736
6. William Abbott b. 18 Nov 1657 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 21 Oct 1713 Andover Essex Co. MA
7. Sarah Abbott b. 14 Nov 1659 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 28 Jun 1711 Andover Essex Co. MA
8. Benjamin Abbott b. 20 Dec 1662 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 30 Mar 1703 Andover Essex Co. MA
9. Timothy Abbott b. 17 Nov 1663 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 9 Sep 1730 Andover Essex Co. MA
10. Thomas Abbott b. 6 May 1666 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 28 Apr 1728 Andover Essex Co. MA
11. Edward Abbott b. 15 Oct 1668 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 1669 Andover Essex Co. MA, Note: Drowned young.
12. Nathaniel Abbott Lieut. B. 4 Jul 1671 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 1 Dec 1749 Andover Essex Co. MA
13. Elizabeth Abbott b. 29 Jan 1673 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 4 May 1750 Andover Essex Co. MA
14. Lidia Abbott b. 31 Mar 1675 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 11 Mar 1738 Andover Essex Co. Ma

Thomas Abbott
b. 6 May 1666 Andover, Essex Cty, MA
d. 28 Apr 1728 in Andover, MA
Note: A strict Puritan and farmer
Married 7 Dec 1697 in Andover Essex Co. MA
Hannah Gray
b. 30 Nov 1674
d. 1763, MA

Children of Thomas Abbott and Hannah Gray
1. Thomas Abbott b. 3 Jan 1699 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 11 Jul 1774 Andover Essex Co. MA
2. Hannah Abbott b. 10 Sept 1700 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 22 Jul 1746 Andover Ess Co. MA; Note: she died unmarried.
3. Edward(6) Abbott b. 9 Jun 1702 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 14 April 1759 Concord NH
4. Deborah Abbott b. 1 Dec 1704 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 21 Oct 1801 Concord NH
5. George Abbott, Deacon, b. 7 Nov 1706 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 6 Oct 1785 Concord NH
6. Zebediah Abbott b. 25 Jan 1709 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 17 May 1745
7. Benjamin Abbott b. 31 Mar 1711 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 8 Mar 1794 Concord NH
8. Catharine Abbott b. 31 Mar 1711; d. 14 Sep 1744, Note: Twin of Benjamin, died unmarried
9. Aaron Abbott b. 8 Aug 1714 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 9 Apr 1730
10. Isaac Abbott b. 24 Feb 1717 Andover Essex Co. MA; d. 3 Nov 1745

Edward(6) Abbott
b. 9 Jun 1702 Andover, Essex Cty, MA
d. 14 Apr 1759 Concord, NH
Married 15 Jul 1728 Andover, Essex Cty, MA
Dorcas Chandler b. Abt 1705 Andover, Essex Cty, MA
d. 16 May 1748 Concord, NH

EDWARD6 ABBOTT (THOMAS5, GEORGE4, GEORGE3, GEORGE2, WILLIAM1) was born 09 June 1702 in Andover, Essex Co., MA., and died 14 April 1759 in Concord, New Hampshire. He married (1) DORCAS CHANDLER 15 July 1728 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.122. She was born Abt. 1705 in Andover, Essex Co., MA., and died 16 May 1748 in Concord, New Hampshire. He married (2) MEHITABLE EMERSON 23 January 1749. She was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Fact 1: One of the 1st white settlers in Concord, NH, in 1732.
Fact 2: His children 1st white children born in Concord.
Fact 3: His house was a garrison.

Children of Edward(6) Abbott and Dorcus Chandler
1. Dorcas Abbott
b. 15 Feb 1728 Concord NH; d. 28 Sep 1797; m. Ebenezer Hall b. 24 Apr 1701 Bradford, NH; d. 24 Apr 1801
2. Edward(7) Abbott b. 27 Dec 1730, Concord NH; d. 15 Sep 1801
3. Phebe Abbott b. 13 Feb 1732 Concord NH; d. 6 Jan 1770
4. Lydia Abbott b. 7 May 1735 Concord NH; d. 18 Jun 1836
5. Lydia Abbott b. 15 Jun 1737 Concord NH; d. 15 Dec 1811
6. Timothy Abbott b. 21 Jul 1739 Concord NH; d. Abt 1814
7. Rachel Abbott b. 31 Mar 1742 Concord NH; d. 26 Jul 1742 Concord NH
8. Betsy Abbott b. 25 Aug 1743 Concord NH; d. 1827; m. Thomas Saltmarsh 1759, b. 1734; d. 1826
9. Jemima Abbott b. 29 Apr 1748 Concord NH; d. 31 Jul 1748 Concord NH

Edward Abbott
b. 27 Dec 1730 Concord, NH
d. 15 Sep 1801 Concord, NH
Married abt 1760
Deborah Stevens
b. 20 Oct 1734 Rumford Twp, NH
d. Nov 1817 NH

Children of Edward Abbott and Deborah Stevens
1. Mary Abbott b. 1761; d. 1843; m. Thomas Capen
2. Mehitabel Abbott b. 23 Apr 1763; d. 16 Sept 1838
3. Susannah Abbott b. 25 Feb 1765; d. 25 Feb 1841; m. John Weeks, b. 23 Jun 1757 Portsmouth, NH
4. Edward Abbott b. Abt. 1767
5. Timothy Abbott b. 12 Mar 1769; d. 23 Jan 1819; m. Sarah Bradley; d. 1809
6. Samuel Abbott b. 8 Apr 1771; d. 1823 IN, m. Ruth Currier
7. Deborah Abbott b. Abt 1773
8. Deborah Abbott b. 29 May 1774; M. Phineas Howe, b. 25 Mar 1767, Rumford, Maine
9. Esther Abbott b. Abt 1777; d. Abt 1824; m. Trueworthy Kilgore

Samuel Abbott
b. 8 Apr 1771 Concord, NH
d.abt 1820 Vevay, IN
Pioneer of Indiana Settled in Switzerland County IN
before 1819
m. 4 Mar 1792
Ruth or Mary (Polly) Currier
b. 13 Oct 1776, Concord, NH
d. abt. 1822, IN d. Indiana Epidemic
Father: William Currier III
b. abt. 1737, d. abt 1809-10
Mother: Mary Molly Carter
b. May 6, 1742 NH
Note: Flu Epidemic in 1820
- knows about flu epidemic.

Children of Samuel Abbott and Ruth or Mary (Polly) Currier
1. Betsy Abbott b. 9 Oct 1793
2. Mary Abbott b. 26 Aug1795, d. 21 Oct 1811 16yrs
3. Belinda Abbott b. 3 Sep 1797
4. Harriet Abbott 28 Sep 1799
5. Hannah Abbott 29 Jan 1802, d. 21 Nov 1811 9yrs
6. Hiram Abbott 25 Nov 1803 or 3 Dec 1803; d. 1 Jan 1854 Dearborn IN; m. 3 Apr 1828 in Versailles, Ripley IN to Nancy Anderson,
7. Isaac Abbott b. 22 Feb 1805, d. 4 May 1872 Meeker County, MN, m. Elizabeth Faulkner
8. John Abbott b. 15 Mar 1807, d. Jan 1819 12yrs
9. Ruth Abbott b. 22 Dec 1808
10. Edward Abbott b. 5 Nov 1811, m. 8 Mar 1835 to Irena Schoonover, her parents were Levi and Jane (Peabody) Schoonover, d. 8 Oct 1903; Note: Was 11 when parents died and was "bound out" to someone in KY. Note: Edward may have been born in Erie, NY.
11. Mary Abbott b. 2 Mar 1814, d. 22 Dec 1846 32 yrs
12. Samuel Abbott b. 15 Sept 1817, d. 20 Mar 1818
13. Samuel Abbott b. 21 Feb 1819 Swizerland County IN Pioneer of Indiana Settled in Wabash County Indiana 1834
14. Isaiah Abbott b. 1821

Hiram Abbott
b. 3 Dec 1803
d. 1 Nov or 1 Jan 1854 Dearborn IN
m. 3 Apr 1828 in Versailles, Ripley IN to Nancy Anderson
Nancy Anderson
b. 18 Sep 1806 Hancock Co. PA
d. 20 Jan 1840 Ripley Co. IN

Children of Hiram Abbott and Nancy Anderson

1. Arnold Abbott 6. 15 Aug 1632 Ripley IN
2. Isaac Abbott b. 6 Jun 1834 Ripley IN
3. Almira Abbott b.2 Aug 1836 Baltimore MA, d. 29 May 1923 Ripley County IN, Burried
Lower Union Cemetery Decatur Co. IN
4. Eliza Jane Abbott b. 16 Aug 1837
5. Mollie Abbott b. 16 Aug 1837 Twins with Eliza?

Isaac Abbott
b. 22 Feb 1805 Concord, NH
d. 4 May 1872 Meeker County, MN
buried on Forrest Prarie Cty
m. 14 Oct 1827 Dearborn County IN
Elizabeth(Betsy) Faulkner (Betsy, Bet)
b. 24 Mar 1809 Genessess Falls, NY
d. Abt 1854 Dearborn Co. IN
Father Cornelius Faulkner
b. 1785 PA, D. 1860 IN
Mother: Lucinda Halstead
b. 1789 PA, d. 1878 IN
m2 Rebecca Flemming b. abt 1820
m3? Sarah?

Children of Isaac Abbott and Elizabeth Faulkner
1. Mary Abbott, b. IN, Married Unknown Hubbard, IN
2. Hiram "Hi" Abbott, b. abt 1831 IN, d. 2 Apr 1912 Crow Wing MN, Farmer, m1. Kathryn Rowland, m2. Sarah A. Wilkins b. abt 1832 IN, d. 10 Mar 1915 Crow Wing MN
3. Martha Abbott, b. abt 1832 IN, m1. Dr. Charles Humphreys, m2. John T. Jones, m3. Miller , m4. Mark Biers?
4. Samuel C. Abbott, b. abt 1833 IN, Farmer, Wife Mary Fletcher
5. Louis C. Abbott, b. abt 1836 IN
6. William Monroe "Roe" Abbott b. 11 Oct 1837 IN, IN, d. 2 Apr 1920 Ashland OR, m1. Mary Lund, m2. Julia Aimes, m3. Victoria A. Boring
7. John A. Abbott, b. 5 NOV 1839 Dearborn Co., IN, d. 9 or 10 Nov 1923 Chicago, IL, m1. Laura J. Williams, Married 22 Mar 1868 Lancaster, IN
8. Lydia A. Abbott, B. abt 1841 IN, Husband Vincent Coombs - WAS in 1840 Census of Boon county IN, Married Boone Co., IN - Moved to MEEKER COUNTY IN by 1970 CENSUS
9. Isaac Mark "Marcus" Abbott b. 18 Jan 1843 Dearborn Co. or Ripley Co. IN, d. 29 May 1935 International Falls MN, m1. Caroline Maria Coles, Married 17 Apr 1873 in Meeker Co, MN
10. Rebecca J. Abbott, b. abt 1845 IN, Married Willis Lund
11. Elizabeth C. Abbott, b. abt 1847 IN, Married David Hanscomb
12. Sarah J. Abbott, b. IN
13. Marilla N. Abbott, b.abt 1849 IN, d. before 1860
14. Edward Levi Abbott, b. IN, d. died young

Isaac Abbott Children by 2nd Wife Rebecca (Flemming?) or Sarah
15. Ella M. Abbott, b. IN abt 1856, Married Len? Spawding
16. Francis Marian Abbott, b. IN, d. 12-15yrs
17. Benjamin "Jake" Abbott b. abt 1859 IN
18. Lincoln Abbott, b. IN 1862, d. Florida?, Married Mahie?
19. Robert L. Abbott, b. IN

William Monroe "Roe" Abbott
b. 11 Oct or Jun 1837 IN
d. 2 Apr 1920 Ashland Oregon
Was 12 in 1850 Census of Sparta Township, Dearborn County, IN
m1. Abt 1865 IN or MN
Mary Lund
b. 12 Apr 1847 IN, d. 27 May 1876 MN
Mother: Anna Unknown - Penn, Father: John Lund ENG
m2. 18 Jun 1877 Meeker Co, MN
Julia Aimes MN
b. Apr. 29, 1839 NY
d. Feb. 10, 1900 Ashland Cemetery OR. Mother VT, father CT
Inscription on Grave: Wife of W. M. m3. 15 Jan 1902
Victoria Alberta Boring
b. May 9, 1850, Maine
d. 13 Aug 1918 Jackson County, OR Ashland Cemetary
m. 4?, 1819?
Mary ?

Children of William Monroe "Roe" Abbott and Mary Lund
1. Lincoln R. Abbott b. abt 1862
2. Sylvenus Stowe Abbott b. 12 Apr 1866 IN, d. 18 Nov 1961, Occupation Farmer on his farm. m. Ofa A. Abbott b. 10 Apr 1871 IN, d. 7 Oct 1901, m2 before 1907 to Emily Abbott, Emily Abbott b. Abt 1874 Missouri, father: Missouri, Mother Missouri. Emily and Sylvaus lived together in Oregon in the 1920 Census.
3. Alice Belle Abbott b. 16 Feb 1869 MN, d. 20 Nov 1957 OR, Never Married
4. John Morton Abbott, b. Abt 1871, d. 15 Mar 1937 MN, m. 14 Apr 1897 to Myrtle Anne Peabody. John had a child named William Monroe Abbott and Another Child named Charles G. Abbott who is in the meeker cemetery with the same religious inscriptions on his grave as of the rest of William Monroe family. Currently Obtaining D-cert from MN.
5. Bertha A. Abbott b. abt 1873, d. Bertha Corthell on 1 Jun 1960 Jackson County OR, m. 8 Mar 1908 to Edgar Corthell b. 28 Dec 1875, d.16 Mar 1942
6. Lewis Allen Abbott b.10 Jun 1875 Watkins, MN, d. 10 Apr 1951 OR, m. Renna Cole 17 Nov 1898 MN

Children of William Monroe "Roe" Abbott and Julia A. Abbott
7. Ella Abbott d. 11 Jul 1949
8. Anna Abbott
9. George Abbott
10. Stella Abbott
11. VERY LIKELY Caroline or Catherine Abbott - Shared land adjacent to William Monroe Abbott's in Oregon, Currently obtaining d-cert from Oregon

Sylvenus(aka Sylvanus) Stowe Abbott
b. 12 Apr 1866 IN
d. 18 Nov 1961 OR
m1. Ofa Ann Abbott
b. 10 Apr 1871 MN, d. 7 Oct 1901
Mother: Sarah E. Smith -IN
Father: John P. Driver - IN
m2. Emily Abbott
m. between 1901 and 1907
b. Abt 1874 MO, mother MO, father MO,
possibly d. 11 Jul 1949 Jackson County, OR

Children of Sylvenus Abbott and Ofa Ann Abbott
1. Mary E. Abbott b. 2 Mar 1893 Meeker County MN, d. 21 Jun 1894 Meeker County MN.
2. Marvin Monroe Abbott b. 13 Feb 1895 MN, d. 13 Feb 1895, San Joaquin, CA. In 1920 Census Marvin worked for a Logging Company as a logger and was living on his father Sylvanus' farm in Oregon.
3. William M. Abbott b. abt 1898 MN. He was 12 in the 1910 census.
Note: Still finding Children of Sylvenus and Ofa
(Children of Emily Abbott who are pre-marriage to Sylvanus - listed as Sylvanus' stepchildren on 1910 Census)
4. Lulu M. Taylor b. about 1897 Oregon - 13 in 1910 census, mother: Emily Abbott b. Missour, Father b. Iowa
5. Zella P. Taylor b. about 1897 Oregon - 13 in 1910 census, mother: Emily Abbott b. Missour, Father b. Iowa
6. Birtha E. Taylor b. about 1899 Oregon - 11 in 1910 census, mother: Emily Abbott b. Missour, Father b. Iowa

Children of Sylvanus Abbott and Emily Abbott
1. Loyal D. Abbott b. 22 Oct 1907 OR, d. 14 Mar 1964 OR, spouse Esther
2. Rexford C. Abbott b. 1808 OR, d. October 20 1931 Grave Hargadine Cemetery, Klamath County, OR
3. Elwood Emerson Abbott b. 12 Oct 1909 OR, d. 2 Mar 1995 OR, m. Rosali E. Abbott
Note: Still finding children of Sylvenus and Emily

John Morton Abbott
b. 1871 MN
d. 15 Mar 1937 Meeker, MN
m. 14 Apr 1897 MN
Myrtle Anne Peabody
b. 17 Jul 1877 MN
d. 29 Dec 1965

Children ofJohn Morton Abbott and Myrtle Anne Peabody
1. Charles G. Abbott b. 10 Oct 1900 Meeker MN, d.10 Mar 1901 Meeker MN
2. Dorothy Alberta Abbott b. abt 1902 MN
3. Vera E. Abbott b. possibly 17 Sep 1905 or 1906 MN
4. Monroe Abbott b. Abt 1908 MN
5. Dorene Mae Abbott
6. Donald Peabody Abbott
7. Dean Douglas Abbott

Bertha A. Abbott
b. Abt 1876 MN
d. 1 Jun 1960
m. 8 Mar 1908
Edgar Corthell
b. 28 Dec 1875 Custer Co. Colorado
d. 16 Mar 1842 Jackson Co. OR
Father: Wellman Ashley Corthell b. 9 Feb 1849 Omondaga, NY, d. 6 Dec 1934 Saltell, CA
Mother: Tabitha Evalyne (evalin) Corthell b. 24 Jan 1857 IL d. 9 Nov 1923 Medford OR
m1. Edith D. Dunning
m2. Bertha A. Abbott

Children of Bertha Abbott and Edgar Corthell
Living Corthell - FEMALE

Lewis Allen Abbott
b. June 10, 1875 Watkins, MN
d. April 10, 1951, Oregon, buried Park Hill Cemetary, Vancouver Funeral Chapel
Place of Death: Multnomah County, City Portland, OR
m. 17 Nov 1898 Meeker County MN
Renna Cole
b. 1882 - per grave, MN, d. 3 Sept 1963, OR
Mother: Lucinda Kisinger, b. Iowa
Father: William Harrison Cole, b.Wisconsin, d.22 Nov 1931
Note: Renna divorced Lewis and Married a man named Clarence Evans. Renna was sharp tounged as well as her daughter Alice. Renna was named after the Wren bird her parents saw when she was born and they looked out the window.
See Cole Family Tree

Children of Lewis Allen Abbott and Renna Cole
Julia Abbott
b. 8 Nov 1899. Meeker County, MN
2. Alice Ann Abbott b. 8 Apr 1901 Meeker County, MN, Married Forrest Ash and had Jean Kinney(married a Kinney), 20 years later Alice married Allen Charles Park and had Gail Allen Park who was killed in the 1970s around the age of 32. She left a husband and two small children behind.
3. Leonard A. Abbott b. 24 Mar 1903 Meeker County, MN, d. 23 Aug 1948 OR, Park Hill Cemetary, Vancouver. Leonard died with his head on the train tracks. May be murder, may have been drunk. Unlikely way of committing suicide.
4. Gladys Lillian Abbott b. 19 Apr 1905 MN, d. 5 Mar 1919, Died at age 15 of heart failure. OR, Aunt Teri has pic of her in ponytails
5. Marshall Abbott b. 29 Jun 1906 Meeker County MN; d. 20 May 1935 Multnomah County, Oregon, m. Lida Abbott(Hughes)
6. Juanita Bonnice "Bonnie" Abbott b. 12 Aug 1913, d. Aug 1987, m. August Baunach b. 17 Feb 1893, d. Sept 1968
7. Gordon Clarence Abbott b. 26 Sep 1910 OR, d. 21 May 1967 OR

Marshall Abbott
b. 29 Jun 1906 Meeker Co. MN
d. 20 May 1935 Multnomah County OR died of Hodgekins Lymphoma - used to hop the trains to go to Portland from Seattle to see a doctor who could treat it.This was my Grandfather note from: webmaster Kelly Abbott
m. Lida Geneva Hughes
b. 27 Feb 1910
d. 27 Feb 1979 on her birthday - massive heart attack. Died in her trailer up in Satsop living next door to her sister, my Aunt Max. Lida had a giant Pot farm and I'm going to put pictures up of it now that it's legal in WA state. She was my grandmother - Webmaster: Kelly Abbott. She was arrested protesting the Satsop nuclear power plant which never opened. She lived in Neah Bay before moving up to Sasop. She also owned a house in Everett, WA before moving to Neah Bay - in Neah Bay, WA wild horses would run down the beach in front of her trailer twice a day - to where they were going in the morning and back at night. Later she moved to Satsop on her sister's property with her trailer next door to her sister Maxine's house.
Elma, Grays Hbr, WA
See Hughes family tree

Children of Marshall Abbott and Lida Geneva Hughes
1. Lois (Teri) Abbott b. 13 Mar 1929, d. 28 Mar 2013 OR, 1m. Unknown Young, m2. Unknown(Pos. Robert Clayton) Young, m3. Clifford Burke. Aunt Teri owned Portland Properties in Portland Oregon. She was a successful business woman. When she was much younger she taught dance in Port Townsend wa. My father - Larry Abbott - Deceased, and my Aunty Teri stole Canoes from the local Port Townsend tribe when they were kids and were chased by the indians in their Canoes. I believe they were caught.
2. Dale Abbott 13 February 1932 , d. 04 June 1998, Marysville, Snohomish Cty, WA, died after heart surgery. Married to Chico who he met while serving in the armed forces (Navy I believe) in Japan, they had at least 4 children
3. Larry Duain Abbott b. 4 Aug 1934, d. 19 Mar 2000, Everett, Snohomish Cty, WA, died of stroke. Larry owned many businesses in Everett wa, including Several Cab Companies, a Bar, buildings he built, plumbing firms and more.

Children of Lida Geneva Huges and 2nd Husband Louie Anderson - drowned off a tug boat in Seattle. He worked on the tug boat.
4. Virginia (Bunnie) Anderson Currently living on 26Jun2019
5. Louis(Pepper) William Anderson Currently living on 26Jun2019
6. Robert E. Anderson, b. 10 Aug 1945 d. 08 Aug 1995, Marysville, Snohomish Cty, WA Died of brain anurysm at Everett General Hosptial - lived in Marysville, WA at the time

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