Bursting Universe

Criminal Opportunites in Seattle

Pictures From the Movie


Zane Gregory - Mark Hicks
Kirk Giberson - Dexter Grande
Ryan Whitworth - Shawn Mayes
Kelly Abbott - Corey
James L. Tinsley - Jimmy Willtell
Bryan Mckagen - Eric
Dan Shirley - Tim
Sam Tregoning - Roberto
Joe Lambert - God
Qi Jiang Huang - Mr. Lee
Eddie Jackson - Mitch
Susan Henckel - Julie
Justin Copili - Billy
Joseph W. Mckenzie - Young Dexter
Roth Earl - Clerk, Gas Attendant
Danielle Hayes - Security Guard
Donald Abbott - PD Cop
Hugh Berry- Jail Cop2
Audra Boston - PD Cop
Scott Coppess - Cop
Demian - Jail Cop1, Securities Cops
Cary Gregory - Willtells Lieutenant
Kevin Hernandez - Cop
Jin Huang - China Town Kid
Kevin Malin - Chinatown Cop, Patron
Ken Mukai - Detective
Dennis Pantalena - Jail Cop
Dan Paquette - Cop
Melanie Rice - Waitress
Stewart Stremel - Lead Dectective
Maciek Szmytkowski - PD Cop
Beverly Wisman - Waitress
Bob Peterson - Body

Directed By:

Kelly Abbott

Assistant Director

Zane Gregory

Director of photography:

Dustin Cassidy

Produced by:

James Tinsley
Zane Gregory

Executive Producer:

Kelly Abbott

Written By:

Kelly Abbott

Special Effects:

Troy Murrison

Special Thanks:

Ken Westerman
Bob Watson

Special thanks to Locations:

Pegasus Cafe - Seattle, WA
Loaner Pawn Shop - Everett, WA
Sugar Shack - Lynnwood, WA
China Town - Seattle, WA

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