Going Straight


Peter Ross Stephens
Hallie Shepherd
Jason Seitz
Ivan Dinh
Ryan Lympus
Mark Shone
Eric Colley
Zane Gregory
James L. Tinsley
Robert Heath
J Maki
John Kobasic
Jeremy Cassidy
Gregory D. Barnett
Sheena Billings
Tyler Russell
Ryan Rutkowski

Stunt Coordinator:

Lea Savoy

Stunt Person:

Lacy Altwine

Directed By:

Kelly Abbott

Guest Directors:

Vince Fesalbon
Kevin Malin
Zane Gregory

Associate Director


Director of photography:

Dustin Cassidy

Special Thanks:

Linda Abbott
Lea Savoy
The Shafer Ballie Mansion

Set Design

Sheena Billings

Produced by:

James L. Tinsley
Zane Gregory

Executive Producer:

James David Walley

Written By:

Kelly Abbott

Music By:

Martijn De Man
And many other artists

Pictures From the Movie


Going Straight is about a man who has to stop being gay to get his inheritance.

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