News - Last updated Feb 15, 2013


Paper Castles - final sound clean up, DVD menu being created and movie edit done - Feb 2013

We're working on the final sound clean up as well as the DVD menu then submitting to Create Space. We held off for months after the movie was edited because nobody wanted to watch the last screening since one of the lead actresses - Kim Layfield, was killed in the Racer Cafe Shooting. The shooting was in Seattle on May 30th, 2012. We all loved working with Kim and we're still in shock over it. We'll update this site when Paper Castles is listed on Amazon - a few weeks after the Create Space submission and at that time we'll have free copies for the cast and crew.

Citizens was shown twice in private viewings in March and August of 2012

We're still changing things on the movie as well as some scenes were compiled to the wrong frame rate. Editing this movie with the HD tools available has been an up-hill battle.

Citizens Wrapped filming - May 30th, 2010

To all who helped, acted in, assistant directed, produced, and crew'd on the movie - THANK YOU! And, thank you to those who let us shoot in their businesses.

This movie is now in post production(Editing mode.)

We will notify everyone at the time of the first screening. We will give the cast DVD's of the movie at the first screening or mail DVD's to the address the actor chooses. We can always be contacted at

Again, thank you to all who took part. You made the movie possible!

Kelly Abbott

Casting is complete for Citizens - May 3, 2010

Thank you, everyone who came to the auditon on Sunday. We had a very talented pool of actors. Unfortunately, we could take only one actor for each role.

If you came to the audition Sunday and left a legible email address, you should have received an email from us letting you know the results of the casting.

Best wishes to all of you.

Casting for movie Citizens - Casting on May 2, 2010

Bursting Universe is casting for the movie Citizens. This is an independent feature, being shot on HD cameras in Seattle, Everett, Redmond, and Lynnwood, on weekends between May 8, 2010 to Jun 1, 2010. Copy/Credit/Very small pay.

Casting is on Sunday, May 2nd, at the Theater Puget Sound (TPS) at the Seattle Center, Room E, between 10am and 3pm. Drop ins welcome. Sides provided.

Older Actors, Blacks, Ethnics, are encouraged to try out.

Shooting schedule and script are available upon request to

Lisa - 25-40, mentally strong, good looking, fit
Ann - 20's, pretty, fit
Chris - 23-35, fit
Mary - age open, mother of two small children, any body type
Nelson 40's - 60's - any body type
Martin - 30's -40's - any body type
Derick - resistence worker - 20's-30's - muscular
President Elmer Estes - 40's - 60's, debonair
Jason - teens - 20's, fit
Tiara - teens -20's, fit
Epidemic Man - 50's-70's, a small part of a preacher who is constantly on the
sidewalk with a bible.
Josh - small part - 20's-30's, fit
Cassie - small part - 20's, pretty, fit
waitress - small part, age open, any body type
Nelsons Wife - 40's - 50's - any body type

Citizens is an Orwellian flick set in 2031 where the U.S. is dominated by totalitarian rule and Seattle dissenters must stop the president. Script is available upon request.


Kelly Abbott
Director of Citizens

Cons DVD available free to cast - April 2010

If you were in the movie Cons and didn't receive your copy as you moved etc., I'm happy to send you a copy.

Send your address to and expect your copy to be mailed that week.

Where Dreams End has been renamed Paper Castles - Jun 2009

It took a lot of thought to rename this movie and we still may change it back. But for now, Where Dreams End is known as Paper Castles.

Pictures from Paper Castles have been posted on the Paper Castles Credits page. We added 5 web pages of pictures that are linked from there.

Cons will be made available for downloads on Amazon - Feb 2009

Bursting Universe has decided to make all of our movies available for rentals and buying via downloads from Amazon. The first movies will be Cons and where Dreams End as those two are finished with any last edits we have to make. Going Straight will be following later this year and then War and Apricots. WTO will be showing up on the Cons DVD. WTO is a 10 minute short by James Tinsley chronicling the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in 2000. Dvds will be sold on Amazon for $10 each. We will write back here when they are available for order. It's going to be a big year for us as we're focusing on getting all dvds of the movies available as well as we'll be shooting the Orwellian movie, Citizens.

Where Dreams End edited - Oct 2008

Where Dreams End is finished being edited and is having the sound track put on.

Criminal Opportunities in Seattle (Cons) and War and Apricots, Screenings - Nov 19, 2007

Criminal Opportunities in Seattle (Cons) and War and Apricots will both be screening at the Salmon Dance Film Festival this week.

War and Apricots, November 20th, 8:30pm at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater in Seattle
Criminal Opportunities in Seattle, November 24th, 8:30pm at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater in Seattle

Directions to the Rendezvous.

Where Dreams End Wrapped Shooting - Oct 28, 2007

A Big Thanks to the cast, crew, and writer of Where Dreams End for making it a smooth shoot. And, a special thanks to producer James David Walley. It was wonderful working with all of you!

We wrapped yesterday with the last scenes shot in Bothell. We hope to see you at the screening which will be announced here at a later date.

All parts have been cast for Where Dreams End - 11 Sept 2007

Thanks to all of the actors who participated in the casting. It was a very busy two days. We have contacted the actors who were chosen for the principal cast.

We are currently casting for Where Dreams End - 6 Sept 2007

We have an open casting call at Theater Puget Sound at the Seattle Center:

Saturday September 8th, 11am-3pm, room E
Sunday September 9th, 11am-2pm, Room C

Where Dreams End is a Bursting Universe and She Films feature about a high profile Seattle family and their downfall.

This movies is filming between Sept 15, 2007 and Oct 31, 2007.

Screening of of War and Apricots - May 19th, 2007

We invite you to a screening of War and Apricots at the JewelBox Theatre at the Rendevous in Seattle.

The screening is on Saturday, May 19th at 6:30pm.

This is a rare chance to see the movie locally since after this screening the movie will be sent to festivals.

Jewelbox Theatre
2322 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
Link to the Jewel Box Theatre

First screening of War and Apricots - August 27th, 2006

Thanks everyone who came to the first screening of War and Apricots, at the Northwest Film Forum Theatre.

We are currently working on the 2nd cut of the movie. We hope to have the DVD's out before the Salmon Dance Film Festival in November.

Hi Everyone,

War and Apricots wrapped filming - May 13th, 2006

A big thanks to the cast and crew for making it a smoothe shoot!

Also kudos to the writer JB Seas, and producers including JD Walley and James Tinsley for all the help while filming.

We hope to have the first screening for War and Apricots in August 2006, so please check back for times and dates of Screenings.

War and Apricots is currently filming - May 2006

This movie started filming on April 21, 2006 and completes filming on May 13th, 2006.

War and Apricots is about a woman who lives in a quiet neighborhood until a minipulative Canadian moves in and disrupts the neighborhood in her attempt to kill her husband. This is a comedy staring Portland actress Laurie Slater.

War and Apricots is a Bursting Universe & She-Films production. Writer Julia B. Seas from She-Films provides the script.

Please check back for postproduction dates including screenings.

We will be screening Going Straight twice in June 2005:

June 4th at 1:25 pm at the Henry Art Gallery Theatre

and June 13th at 8pm at the Re-bar, in Seattle.

Directions to the Henry Art Gallery Screening, June 4, 2005

Going North on I5, take the 45th street exit. Take a right on 45th and go down to 15th. Take a right on 15th and go down to 41st street. Take a left and drive straight. You will go right into a parking garage if you went straight. Park on the right side of the garage and take the elevator up. Exit the elevator and take a right, you are 30' from the entrance to the Henry Art Gallery.

Going South on I5, take the 45th street exit. Take a left on 45th and go across the freeway, continue down 45th to 15th. Take a right on 15th and go down to 41st street. Take a left and drive straight. You will go right into a parking garage if you went straight. Park on the right side of the garage and take the elevator up. Exit the elevator and take a right, you are 30' from the entrance to the Henry Art Gallery.

Parking and the screening are free.

Directions to The Re-bar Screening, June 13th, 2005.

On I-5 take the Stewart Street Exit - Exit 166 toward Denny Way
Turn Slight Left onto EastLake Ave E.
EastLake Ave E becomes Howell St.
Go to 1114 Howell St (only a few blocks)
Re-bar phone: 206.233.9873

Note: the Re-bar is only a few blocks from where 911 was on Stewart Street before it moved, last year.

Hope to see you there,

Kelly Abbott