Bursting Universe



Paper Castles

Pictures From the Movie


Kim Layfield
Ivan Dinh
John Kobasic
Matt Baker
James L. Tinsley
Melinda Ausserer
Mindy Byram
Cassidy Barnes
Fred Cassidy
Danielle Lewis
Phil Lira
Tiara Billings
Sheena Billings
Ari Consul
Elya Braden
Ben Andrews
Bridget O'Neill

Directed By:

Kelly Abbott

Associate Director:

James L. Tinsley

Director of photography:

James L. Tinsley

Produced by:

Busrting Universe & She-Films
James David Walley
James L. Tinsley
Zane Gregory

Executive Producer:

Kelly Abbott

Written By:

J.B. Seas

Special Thanks:

James David Walley
Linda Abbott
Lea Savoy

J.B. Seas' work is provide by She-Films

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